Sylvia Murphy
Sydney Australia
Lives in Fort Lauderdale

The Club started  2002. I have always been involved bringing the snags of course always been on the committee then president about six years.  I always felt I needed to keep my heritage in place and being involved with the club was my answer.

Been here in Ft.Lauderdale  since 1989 (bloody long time). John (Husband) started the business (Murvest) the next year I came in to help out one day and I’am still here.

I do go home every two years to Sydney and the Central Coast. In the early days of the club we had a lot of Kiwi’s and Aussies around  always made sure that the kids were occupied with something . And  we always had successful Barbies.

Our most memorable events were held at Denis Sindry’s house  for ANZAC day there were always good.